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Punjab's Finest Flavours of
Spiced Marinated Meats & Global Whiskey Tales

Indulge In Punjab's Finest Flavours Of Spiced Marinated Meats

Welcome to our home, our Punjab, our Sharab aur Kebab. We promise you a homely yet lively experience here.

Chicken marinated in a blend of spices that hold the power to hypnotise you. Tikkas that keep you craving for more. And the kebabs that melt in your mouth.

All of this in an intimate setting immersed with a thousand rare whiskeys.

Explore Global Whiskey Tales

Ensconced within the ornate and luxurious interior of The Vagabond Club, Singapore’s preeminent luxury boutique hotel with 41 individualistic and elegantly appointed rooms and suites, The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club offers over 1000 bottles of thoughtfully curated rare and refined award-winning whiskies from around the world.

Culinary enthusiasts at Sharab Aur Kebab can also relish our exquisite whiskey selection.

Unforgettable Moments With Private Events

With its unrivalled atmosphere, immaculate service and exquisite menus, our exceptional venues are the ideal location to hold your next event.

Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a solemnisation, birthday, anniversary, meeting or corporate event, we promise world class food, wine and service.

Experience A Sense Of The Surreal

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